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Thief steals Horn Lake woman's money from under a table

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Horn Lake, MS (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mother says her family's Christmas is ruined, after the money meant for gifts was stolen during her son's birthday party.

Tabitha Stacks says she's having to explain to multiple credit card companies that she isn't the one who made hundreds of dollars in charges on her cards.

"Everything you've got is in that wallet, and they just take it," Tabitha Stacks said.  "And they know you have small children with you. And it's the week before Christmas."

Stacks and her husband took their four children to Chuck E. Cheese in Horn Lake Friday to celebrate their six-year-old's birthday.  Little did they know that the place where a kid can be a kid is also the place where a thief can be a thief.

"They watched us for about an hour," Stacks said.

Chuck E. Cheese has not yet released the surveillance video to the Horn Lake Police Department.  But a manager did allow Stacks' husband who is a police officer to see the video.

"The older one was the lookout," she said.

Stacks says she left her purse under her coat at the table for no more than a couple of minutes to see her son win a game.

"The younger one slipped under the table, our table, the booth, took my wallet, and they walked out," Stacks said.

Before Stacks even noticed her wallet was gone, the women racked up charges at Walmart and gas stations.  The Stacks won't be responsible to pay for the thieves' spending spree, but with no credit cards, Stacks doesn't know how she'll finish her Christmas shopping.

"It's going to be difficult," Stacks said.

She feels like the Grinches stole Christmas.

"We're going to have to borrow money or go without."

Stacks says the two women shouldn't have messed with the wrong mom.

"We're going to get them," she said.

Stacks estimates the women charged about seven to eight hundred dollars on her cards.  If you know who may be responsible call DeSoto County Crime Stoppers at 662-429-TIPS.

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