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Real-life Grinch steals family's favorite Christmas decoration

By Daniel Hight | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Christmas is a special time for Cindy Dlugach, when she returns home to the house she grew up in.

"I live far away, and I only get to come home a couple times a year," she said. "It's the most special day in the world when I get to drive up at this house and my mom always has it lit up and ready."

But this homecoming was different - something was missing.  Dlugach's sister called her to say their mother, Sheryl Parker, was upset to find their Grinch had been stolen.  Parker said the family discovered the Grinch, an inflatable yard decoration, was missing early Saturday morning.

"The Grinch is the highlight of the yard, and everybody drives by to see the Grinch popping in and out of the chimney," Dlugach said.

Dlugach found it ironic that the classic Doctor Seuss character was the only decoration that was stolen.

"The Grinch is supposed to steal Christmas," she said. "Instead, someone stole our Grinch."

But the Parkers chose to not left the theft ruin their holiday season.

"Even though it happened, we're over the moon to be together, so it's not going to trample our Christmas spirit at all," Parker said.

Meanwhile, Dlugach is holding onto hope that the ending for their story will be like the original story of the Grinch.

"I really hope the person's heart grows three times larger, just as the Grinch's did, and then he will return it," she said.

The Parkers said the Grinch is no longer in production and cannot be replaced.  They've found it on EBay for around $200, but that's a price they're not willing to pay.

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