Murder suspect charged with killing neighbor while out on bail

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis man was charged with second degree murder Tuesday, just days after he bailed out of jail on separate murder charges.

Eric Williams, 40, is accused of killing an acquaintance, Frank Yancey, while Yancey was in a car parked in Williams' driveway.  According an affidavit of complaint, the shooting happened after Williams and Yancey got into an argument.  Williams retrieved a shotgun and fired at least one shot.  Yancey died as a result.

At the time, Williams was out on $150,000 bond, and was living back home.  His behavior has been a concern to one of his neighbors for months.

"Especially at nighttime, you don't even want to go past their house on the sidewalk and walk past their house," said neighbor Andrea Williams.

Andrea Williams said she has worried about her neighbor's actions since March, when he was charged with second degree murder after another shooting.

In the March incident, a neighbor's house party ended in a fight. Investigators said Eric Williams pulled a handgun, stood in his yard, and fired at the neighbor's house, ultimately killing Robert Thomas.

Thomas' family moved away awhile ago, but at least eight bullet holes can still be seen on the front of the house.  At the time, Williams was charged with second degree murder, but he was released on bail.

Bail will not be as easy for Williams this time.  Tuesday in court, a judge slapped him with a $5 million bond.

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