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Surgery Center

The Conrad|Pearson Clinic has the only full-service, adult urologic surgery facility and office suite within a 200-mile radius. Under one roof, we are able to offer one-stop service for diagnostic, imaging, and treatment all performed with state-of-the art equipment. Here, our physicians may perform minimally invasive and non-emergency urologic procedures in a setting that is high-tech, efficient, and convenient, designed from physician input with the patient in mind.

Our surgery center has a long list of attributes geared to patients' needs. Since pediatric urological cases are not performed here, the atmosphere is quiet and conducive to those who wish to read or keep up with work. The waiting area is a spacious yet discreet setting, where our patients laud the near-door parking. Examination and recovery suites are designed with privacy and easy patient flow in mind; these suites also allow for a place where patients can feel respected and cared for.

Integrated into one facility, our surgery center offers our patients the best in medical expertise, treatment, diagnostic and surgical equipment, as well as a private, comfortable and convenient environment in which to receive urological care.


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