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Lines at Memphis International unaffected by latest scare

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Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - The latest terrorism attempt shouldn't slow down your check-in process at Memphis International Airport. A Transportation Security Administration manager at Memphis International says people can expect the same screening process they're used to for domestic flights.

A day after a man attempted to blow up a plane headed for Detroit, it was business as usual at the Memphis Airport. The news did give travelers like Krystle VanDerpluym pause, just not for long.

"I've got to get home, so I've got to fly," VanDerpluym said.

VanDerpluym heard the news about the Delta Northwest flight shortly after it happened Christmas Day.

"I heard about it yesterday morning and thought oh great I'm flying Delta tomorrow."

Travelers flying abroad will notice tighter security measures on the ground and in the air on their return trips to the U.S.

Patricia Cox is headed to Columbia and says she doesn't mind the extra precautions, if it means saving lives.

"For security it's better I'm sure," she said.

Authorities say passengers flying into the United States will see increased pat-downs, 100 % physical screening of carry on luggage.

One hour before landing in the U.S. passengers will not be allowed to access carry on items, pillows and blankets, or get out of their seats.

But aviation experts concede, even that may not be enough to prevent another terrorist attack.

"No system is going to be bulletproof security is a work in progress because

people are - are inventive and you have to stay ahead of that curve all the

time," Michael Pangia said.

Reggie Amos says he isn't surprised at the latest security breach.

"Considering 9/11 you never know what's possible these days, prior that, you ask anyone, they never would have thought that was possible," Amos said.

The lines moved quickly at Memphis International Saturday. The Department of Homeland Security Director says people should continue with their holiday travel plans, but should be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to authorities.

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