MLGW and MIFA hand out space heaters

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - MLGW teamed up with MIFA Wednesday to hand out free space heaters to people fighting the cold.

MLGW purchased the space heaters, and MIFA gave them to families who needed them the most.

Chris Stanley with MLGW said more heaters could be available if they were needed.

"We got 65 heaters we're giving out," Stanley said.  "If more is needed we'll get some more in for our customers."

Gladys Young was thankful for the two organizations' generosity.

"I have a little house and it has a wall unit, but it's not enough to heat my whole house," Young said.  "When I wake up it's freezing!"

Josephine Brooks received one of the space heaters to help her ailing mother.

"I've got a mother.  She had a heart attack and she's on blood thinners and she stays cold all the time," Brooks said.  "I'm getting a heater for her."

Mary Claire Borys with MIFA said the free space heaters are restricted to low-income families, with first priority going to homes where the primary heat source has failed.

Anyone in need of a space heater can call MIFA at (901) 527 - 0208.

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