Memphis cold snap gets attention from The Weather Channel

Jim Cantore during one of his many live shots in Memphis Friday.
Jim Cantore during one of his many live shots in Memphis Friday.
Jim Cantore
Jim Cantore

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - This week's deep freeze is putting Memphis and the Mid-South under the national microscope.  Even The Weather Channel got into the act, sending meteorologist Jim Cantore to town Thursday.

Cantore was in Memphis for his broadcast because of the unusually cold weather.

"You've lost four people in Tennessee, three here in Memphis," Cantore said.  "So that puts you on the map."

Cantore said the Mid-South's morning snowfall was really a novelty.  He said the bigger weather story here is the duration of the below freezing temps.

"Even though we don't have those record-breaking temps that are below zero... we're not going to get there but even those low temps with wind chill factors... you factor that in and that's what you're going to be out enduring with any exposed skin," Cantore said.

Cantore said places like the warming center at Poplar and Orleans are crucial when it gets this cold for this long.

"One hundred twenty-five is how much is will hold.  It was a third full last night and tonight will be much colder, as is the case Saturday night, so that tent will be full to capacity at least through the weekend," Cantore said.

Cantore said another cold snap is quite possible as long as this block of arctic air envelopes the southeastern United States.

"They're historic in terms of duration.  Columbia, South Carolina for example, had five straight mornings below 20 degrees," Cantore said.  "This is a record in any cold stroke."

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