Extra Credit: Fall Exhibit

By Kym Clark - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Every spring and fall, Memphis City Schools students showcase their knowledge in an Exhibition of Student Work. But it couldn't happen without the community support of 12,000 volunteers like Stinson Lyles.

Lyles is the Principal of the Red Deluxe Agency, a marketing and ad firm that closes up shop for every exhibition in order to allow the entire staff to serve as volunteer jurors for the district-wide event.

"When the student can sit there and tell you 'This is my experiment, this is the method, or this is what inspired me to do this,' or, 'This is why I chose this,' that's really powerful," Lyles said. "That really shows that they really understand what they're supposed to learn."

The students often spend weeks and hours putting their projects together, representing a culmination of three months worth of study. According to Lyles, the jurors judge the projects on creativity, the amount of time spent on the project, how well it's crafted, and how well the students understand the subject matter.

The Red Deluxe Agency has been involved in the student exhibitions since it began last year because,"As a business in Memphis, our success is really tied to the success of Memphis," Lyles said. "So, just the smarter, more innovative a talent that we have, the better."

You can find information on how to volunteer to be a juror for the Spring Exhibition of Student Work by clicking here.

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