Local organization collects sleeping bags for homeless

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A local organization began collecting sleeping bags for the homeless, unaware of how perfect the timing would be.

Hope for the Holiday knew something had to be done for those less fortunate, and began collecting the sleeping bags nearly three weeks ago.

Terri Walker, who started the organization, felt an overwhelming need to help the homeless.

"I've had it in my heart to do something for a long time and I just decided to move on it," Walker said.

For Charlyssia Martin and her fiance, the sleeping bags help fight the frigid temperatures.

"The sleeping bags are really important to not only me, but to the people that are out here on the streets that are homeless," Martin said.

Hope for the Holiday collected 475 sleeping bags donated from eight states.

Walker said one group of individuals was particularly generous.

"A friend of mine... his church got together and brought 160 down from Monticello, Arkansas this morning," Walker said.

Memphis City Council member Edmund Ford, Jr. commended the organization on helping a typically forgotten portion of the city's population.

"We need to help those who aren't able help themselves,"  Ford said.  "Its all about helping the common person."

Hope for the Holiday is planning another giveaway in February.  They are hoping to raise an additional 700 sleeping bags.

Donations are accepted at any Memphis are Outdoors, Inc. stores.

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