The new look and feel of

Closeup view of new Top Story section
Closeup view of new Top Story section now has a new look and new options that will help us better serve our site visitors and clients.  Some of the changes are visible while others are behind the scenes.  There will be even more changes to come in the next few weeks as we add more and more levels of content and information.
A few of the biggest changes:

- We now have the ability to do a true "Top Story" lead news story on the home page.  This is the single most visible place on our website and it's important for our station's premiere brand, Action News 5, to have a highly visible place.  You'll notice the large top story graphic, the bigger headline, and the box of two or three more headlines that's all part of the summary you see on the front page.

- There are now small logo 5's on many sections of the site, emphasizing our brand even more.

- We can now organize content for clients in a much more creative way.  Check out the section we've recently launched for Total Eye Care  and the one we did for Wolfchase Honda .  They show just how many elements can be a part of a creative online sponsorship... including videos, email forms, coupons, and various kinds of stories.

- One of the most irritating features of our old website model was the way it had to load every page twice, and how you couldn't use the back button, because the address in the bar at the top of the page was always the home page.  Well, that's gone!  Our web addresses are much simpler now and you can move back and forth through the site much more easily than in the past without that awful frameset thing.

You may have noticed a "Make your Home Page" button on the front page of the site.  I would encourage all of you to do this... not to increase our traffic numbers (because we don't get credit from inside-the-building visits anyway!)... but just so you know what this online representation of your television station looks like.  Your suggestions are always welcome .

Now that you've learned a bit about this, click on the link below to enter our employees-only website contest!  You'll see how our viewers enter contests, something you can't do normally!  Plus, you might win a prize!