Haitian earthquake leads to tense week for Memphis church

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Members of a Mid-South church were on pins and needles this week, as they waited to hear the fate of hundreds of children in Haiti they just visited last month.

Members of Church of the Holy Communion travel to Haiti every six months to help the children of St. Vincent's, a school for the handicapped.

"That is literally two blocks away from the presidential palace," church member John Mutin said Friday. "So we were quite distraught for about 72 hours."
Finally, word came that the school was damaged, but still standing.  It's 300 children, a third of them orphans, were unharmed.  Still their struggle ahead is heartbreaking to Mutin, who helped deliver 142,000 meals to St. Vincent's last month.

"When we presented them with all this food, everyone was crying," he said. "It was a miracle."

But now, he said, many more miracles are needed.

"These children have nothing, and yet they have the ability to love you like you've never been loved, and there's a smile," he said. "Their appreciation and gratitude - it just melts your heart."

Part of the church's mission is to take medical supplies to the school, which for many of the children is the only place they can get medical attention.

Church members plan to return to the region in a few months.

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