Ask Andy: Fabulous freebies on line

In this economy, nothing beats 'free!' And you might be surprised by just how many things you can find on the Internet that don't cost a dime.

We went in search of free stuff and here's what we found.

Free Computer Stuff

Attention computer users, you don't need to buy expensive software. For word processing and spreadsheets, just go to For anti-virus protection, check out And for photo editing, try or

And to store those photos, don't buy extra digital storage space. Get it for free at or other similar sites.

If your kids like video games, you don't have to buy those expensive ones at the store. Sites like,, and offer thousands of games you can download for free.

Free Coupons

If you're going to the mall, go to the Internet first. You can search for free coupons good at all kinds of stores.

"Whether you want to find a Dillard's coupon or a Belk coupon, you can find all different kind of savings on line," one shopper told us.

Free Entertainment

If you miss your favorite TV show, you can go back and watch it again for free on line. Check out for a list of sites that offer hundreds of TV shows - both old and new - and full-length movies.

More Free Stuff

If you're a stock trader, Wells Fargo offers 100 commission-free trades at its web site, depending on your account balance.

And don't forget about your birthday. Just try Googling "birthday freebies" to find all sorts of deals for your special day.

We also found free e-books, free apps for your I-phone, free kids meals at restaurants, even free financial advice.

For details, check out these lists from and

10 More Fabulous Freebies

You can also Google "Internet Freebies." You may be surprised by how many sites offer tips.

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