Identity theft victim should not be in jail, husband says

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man says his wife is the victim of identity theft, and should not be in jail.

Dwight Holmes says the arrest of his wife, Tamika, has been tough on him and his young son.

"Day by day it's just ripping my heart out," Holmes said Tuesday.

According to Holmes, Tamika's purse and everything inside it was stolen in late November after Tamika gave a ride to a former coworker.

"My wife's license (was inside)," he said. "Her social security card.  Our son's social security cards and bank statements."

Tamika filed a report notifying police her identity had been stolen.  She then discovered the person who stole it had committed check forgery and counterfeiting crimes in Bolivar, Olive Branch, and Indianola, Mississippi.  

Tamika also learned investigators had a warrant for her arrest, and that she had to turn herself in to the authorities immediately.  

"They just said we have a warrant in Indianola, Mississippi as well as Bolivar, Tennessee," Holmes said. "Right now we have to hold her.  We have to hold her here."

But Holmes says his wife is innocent, and she had no idea the crimes had occurred.

"She has time cards stating she was not there," he said. "She was in Memphis. She was at work. They have all this information."

Meanwhile, Holmes just wants justice.

"I just wish they do the right thing and release my wife," he said. "Don't hold her because you don't have anyone else in custody.  Just release her.  She's innocent."

Tamika Holmes remained in jail Tuesday in Indianola. An Olive Branch Police Department spokesperson would not comment for this story, citing an ongoing investigation.

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