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What has the Center for Medical Weight Loss meant to me?

Like most people in the business of life, I was out-of-balance and had been out-of-balance for some time.  Shortly after a medical check-up, an annual physical that was 2 years overdue, the light bulb went off and I knew that the physical health dimension of my life was sorely out-of-balance.  In my quest to regain balance in that area of my life I researched several options and became aware of the Center for Medical Weight Loss.  I contacted CMWL and met with Dr. Thomas Stovall for a consult.  A few weeks after the consult, taking into account Dr. Stovall's transformation and the need to see results in a medically safe way, I decided to employ the strategies of weight management towards the goal of re-balancing my physical health and life.

After three months of consistent work-outs and application of the Center for Medical Weight Loss methods I lost over 45 pounds!  The transformation from the old me to the new me has been remarkable.  I have more energy, more confidence, and more discipline in my re-balanced life.

The weight loss has also given me a platform to encourage others not to give up on achieving a more balanced life.  With weight management being hereditary in my family, this transformation is for keeps.  As I have learned how to apply the same disciplines used in my financial life towards successfully ‘budgeting' my physical life.  The future of my family is at stake and this transformation should lay the ground work for a greater example to my family.

Albert Crews III

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