Illegal hunters caught on camera in Fayette County

Amateur video captured the hunters in action.
Amateur video captured the hunters in action.

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

LONGTOWN, TN (WMC-TV) - Hunters firing a gun illegally were caught on camera in Fayette County.

The group was shooting at deer from a motorized vehicle in the Longtown community.

Now, state wildlife agents need help in identifying the truck and who was inside when the hunter jumped out and shot a deer from the side of the road.

"We heard a gunshot then we heard a bullet hit the trees beside us," said hunter Lee Carver.

Carver had taken his friend's eight-year-old son hunting on the last day of deer season two weeks ago.

He said whoever was inside the truck had already shot the gun from the truck two times before he began video taping.

"I was pretty angry at the time because they could have hit one of us especially having the little boy with us," Carver said.

Wildlife agents hope this is a lesson and a reminder to others that hunting from a motorized vehicle is against state law.

"We're actually looking at felony reckless endangerment one hundred percent if they're shooting in the direction of a man and his child hunting," said Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agent Jake Yoes.

Carver said he and eight-year-old Jonathan Wilson crawled in a ditch to escape gunfire.

Wilson said he hopes someone recognizes the truck because of the lights on the top and its distinctive paint job.

Yoes agreed.

"All the houses they shot the deer right in front of....somebody's gonna know who's vehicle that is," Yoes said.

Agents hope someone comes forward soon, because the people in the truck face serious charges.

If you know who that truck belongs to or who was inside, call the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency poaching hotline toll free at 1-800-831-1173.

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