Community shows support for missing woman's family

Flowers left Wednesday where Hurt's car was found.
Flowers left Wednesday where Hurt's car was found.
Jennifer Hurt
Jennifer Hurt
Hurt's car was found Tuesday afternoon.
Hurt's car was found Tuesday afternoon.

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A makeshift memorial popped up Wednesday at the spot where police found the car of missing FedEx worker Jennifer hurt.  Workers and residents living near the location where Hurt's car was found Tuesday were quick to support her family.

Rick Cain placed a bouquet of pink and white flowers and a balloon in memory of Hurt.

"I hated the fact that the lady was not found for as many days as she was," he said.

Hurt's car was found about 50 feet beneath Raines Road, a road she traveled often on her way to and from work.

Cain, who works next door to where the car went under, said it was a tragedy that definitely hit close to home.

"We had noticed the fence was down and we came out here and surveyed the property and didn't see anything," he said. "Apparently it was blocked by the overgrowth of the fence."

Others couldn't believe Hurt's car went unnoticed for so long.

"I was really shocked and surprised," Cherry Lovelace said. "That it's right here in our neighborhood, and we didn't even notice anything going on."

Hurt was last seen alive leaving FedEx on the morning of January 8.  Relatives said lived with her parents and three year-old daughter, not far from where her car was found.
"Her having a 3 year old, I have several grandchildren, so I know how the family must be feeling right now," Cain said.

And now, people in the community are coming together to show their support and sympathy for the family as the investigation continues.  

"We really feel sorry for the family," Lovelace said. "If it was one of our loved ones, we would have been just as distraught trying to figure out what happened."

Hurt's family members said Wednesday they were still waiting for the Shelby County Medical Examiner to identify the body found inside the car.

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