Ford not ruling out running for Shelby County Mayor

Joe Ford
Joe Ford

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - He initially said he only wanted the job temporarily, but now interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford may run to keep his office.

Wednesday, Ford said everywhere he goes, people are trying to convince him to run for Shelby County Mayor, the office Commissioners appointed him to last month.

"I hear it every day - everywhere I go," he said.

Ford said he hasn't made a decision, but he's definitely not ruling out running, as he receives daily calls from every walk of life across the county.

"All citizens, politicians, little old ladies and church people," he said.

Since his swearing in, Ford has set up a series of task forces to tackle the county's most pressing issues.

"I didn't do that to run for mayor," he said. "You can believe me when I say that's the way I operate."

Ford said the task forces are about savings.

"That's not costing the taxpayers a dollar," he said. "Sometimes I complain because I don't have a Coke for them to drink, but I'm going to try to make that happen."

Ford said he knew the task forces were doing something special during a recent crisis.

"When we had the ice on the ground - the bad weather - they all showed up," he said. "The schools let out early and these volunteer task force members showed up and packed these conference rooms."

Ford said three things will determine if he runs.

"I'll make it on family, what the citizens want, and I'll make it when the time comes," he said.

Ford said he will make a decision within the next couple of weeks.  The deadline to file for county mayor is February 18th.

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