North Mississippi company markets an anti-energy drink

By Chip Washington - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - In an era of high powered energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy, a north Mississippi company is marketing a drink that puts relaxation in a bottle.

'Drank,' which is dubbed as the "anti-energy" drink, is distributed by Clark Beverage.  Company sales manager Sam Hill said the drink is designed to help people slow down.

"They can settle down, go home, and wind down from a hard day's work," Hill said.

Clark Beverage distributes the nonalcoholic beverage throughout north Mississippi. Made with valerian root, melatonin and rose hips, Drank is said to be the polar opposite of well-known energy drinks.

Hill said public response to the beverage has been positive.

"Once somebody buys one, drinks it, takes it home and consumes it, we get the repeat buyers," Hill said.

Drank is available in 100 locations in north Mississippi, primarily convenience stores.

According to Hill, the drink sometimes causes drowsiness, and consumers are advised to not drink more than two servings within a 24-hour period.

Clark Beverage may expand the DRANK line sometime in March.

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