8-year-old Haitian boy in Memphis when quake hit

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A child from Haiti who came to Memphis for surgery was here when the earthquake hit his home country.

Saulin Noel is an 8 year old from Haiti who was brought here to Le Bonheur to have a life-changing surgery.  But while in Memphis the lives of the people in his homeland changed drastically.

Katie Moore, who volunteered to be one of the hosts during Saulin's trip, is one of dozens of Memphians who have fallen in love with 8 year old Saulin Noel.

"It's kind of gotten to a point where we're all vying for time with Saulin," Moore said.  "He just brings so much joy to your house."

Saulin was sent to Memphis from Haiti by Atlanta-based Childspring International so that Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center could remove a large fibrocystic mass from his nose.

But while Memphis host families were caring for him, the massive 7.0 earthquake hit his homeland.

No one knows if his family survived.

Host families have sent a team to Haiti to search for Saulin's parents.  If they are found safe, many Memphians will be sad to see Saulin go home.

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