Extra Credit: Heart and Soul

By Kym Clark - bio | email

TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - According to some experts, one in five students in the average school classroom have experienced bullying in one way or the other. Bullying has a far reaching affect not only on the child who's bullied, but also on those who see it, as well as on the climate in the school and the community.

That's why Tipton Rosemark Academy is getting Extra Credit for it's proactive approach to this all too common problem.

Angel Jones is the coordinator for the school's anti-bullying program.

"We found this Ovais program which we call Heart and Soul. What Ovais is all about is how to change the climate of your school so that you have less bullying. We realize, ideally, we could never have no bullying, but that's, of course, the goal."

Jones admits Tipton Rosemark didn't really have a bully problem to begin with, but says the board of directors wanted to be proactive in light of "things we see on the news and hear about happening in the schools these days."

TRA homeroom teachers host "Heart and Soul" circle meetings every Tuesday morning in all grades, kindergarten through senior classes.

TRA senior Nick Nelson says, "The seniors - our job is to set an example. I know that the most important part is that you can't force kids to make a decision, as far as right or wrong, or stepping up for others, but we can make them aware. It makes students award that, you know, this stuff is going on and we can't ignore it."

Adds Jones,"We just wanted to be sure that our kids knew how to handle themselves in those situations. So, it's all about teaching them what to do if someone bothers them, and how to stand up for others is our main goal with these kids."

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