Ask Andy: Video inventory

By Andy Wise - bio | email

Having a good homeowner's policy is a big part of protecting your belongings, but you also should have a video inventory of all of your valuables.

Just think about the money and headaches you would save if you simply had to zip through a tape or DVD to prove what you owned before a burglary or fire.  It's easy.  Simply work your way through one room at a time and narrate what you are recording.

If you have receipts for big ticket items like a plasma TV, an oven or a fridge, lay them on the counter and get some shots of those.  They would give an insurance adjustor a clear picture of the value of those items.

Do not forget to videotape furniture, clothing and any collectibles you might have.

Other commonly forgotten items are kids' toys, so make sure they're on your list.

When you see an appliance or other pricey item, get a shot of its serial number, as well as the model name and number.

Don't forget the garage.  If you have expensive bikes, you will want to include them.  The same goes for any expensive tools or woodworking equipment.

Once you have shots of everything, you can keep a copy in a fireproof box at home.  But even better, keep it in a safe deposit box away from your home.

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