Alert parent notices gun near Memphis middle school

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A parent dropping her child off at school saw a student with a gun just outside of a Memphis City School.

The small caliber gun was located Friday afternoon at Vance Middle School.

Magnolia Scullark, who has lived across from Vance Middle School for many years, said news of the gun came as a surprise.

"Somebody could have gotten shot or something like that," Scullark said.  "I hold the parents responsible for something like that."

Memphis City Schools officials said a parent en route to pick up a child from school noticed an 8th grade student with a gun near the intersection of Orleans and Vance, about a block from the school.  The parent reported the incident to the school, who then called police.  

When police arrived they found an 8th grade student with an unloaded weapon in his pocket.

School officials said at least four weapons have been recovered at schools in the district so far this year.

The district said Vance Middle School conducts random daily detections for weapons.  Scullark said that was comforting to know.

"The teachers wouldn't stand a chance if they didn't do these random checks," Scullark said.

The student was arrested at the scene and has been suspended from school.

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