Three Memphis and Shelby County leaders hold meeting

By Ben Watson - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Congressman Steve Cohen met with Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford and Memphis Mayor AC Wharton Monday.

The meeting in Congressman Cohen's office was the first in a discussions on how to get more funds for the city and county.

Cohen discussed the meeting's agenda.

"We talked about road projects that are priorities through the Transportation Reauthorization Act," Cohen said.  "We talked about land planning, we talked about different programs that will affect Memphis and Shelby County."

At the top of the list was the MED and how to come up with millions of dollars needed to keep the hospital afloat.

Mayor Wharton said helping the MED serves more than one purpose.

"If you get behind funding for the MED, you're serving more than one need," Wharton said.  "First of all, you are taking care of a health care need, but ... look at the thousands of people who go to work at the hospital."

Creating jobs in Memphis was also a big part of the discussion.

The three leaders talked about ways to increase the amount of stimulus money Memphis and Shelby County receive.

"Mayor Wharton had some ideas about the trauma center," Cohen said.  "There's a possibility of getting some monies from homeland security because we are on an earthquake fault."

All three leaders said the more people working to improve conditions in Memphis and Shelby County, the better off residents in this area will be.

"There are people out there and all three of us are going to work for the people out there, city and county," Wharton said.

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