Mysterious rumbling noise baffles Mid-South residents

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BURLISON, TN (WMC-TV) - Some Mid-South residents are curious about a mysterious noise coming from the sky.

Residents called the Action News Five Newsroom all weekend long wanting to know where the noise was coming from.

Burlison resident Carl Ballard was one of those callers.

Ballard and his wife Brenda moved to their Burlison home for the peace and quiet.

But within the past week, he says that peace and quiet has been interrupted.

"Sounds like a large jet airplane somebody's cranked up and its sitting there rumbling and its like somebody just turned the switch off," he says.

Ballard says he hears the rumbling noise every hour, sometimes two to three times an hour.

"Its loud enough that you wouldn't have to have an alarm if it was time for you to get would hear the the whole sky is rumbling," continues Ballard.

The noise has even caused quite a stir from residents on Face book.

Its coming all the way from Osceola, AR.

That's where Zachary Industrial is putting the finishing touches on the Plum Point Energy Station.

The noise being heard is coming from steam blows - a way of cleaning the new plant's steam system.

The blows do create a loud noise similar to a jet engine.

Dispatchers in Tipton County say that for about a week now, they've taken about sixty calls a day from residents concerned about the mysterious noise.

A public service announcement says the noise could continue for another two to three weeks.

"Steam blows occur one time during the life cycle of a plant so once this is complete, the plant is put into operation, it will not occur again," adds Karla Blackstock with Zachry Industrial.

From the computer to the country, this new power plant has caused quite a commotion.

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