New details emerge in investigation of Oakland officer's miracle story

By Janice Broach - bio | email

OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - New information was uncovered Tuesday about a Mid-South police officer who claimed his badge stopped a bullet.

Oakland police officer Joshua Smith said a bullet fired at him after a traffic stop hit his badge and saved his life.

The Oakland Police Department and Fayette County Sheriff's Department are investigating whether Smith's story is true.

Sources said the bullet-proof vest Smith was wearing had no damage to it and Smith had no bruising on his chest.

Law enforcement experts said the vest should have damage and Smith would have had a large bruise on his chest.

Sources said Smith made a phone call to Fayette County Dispatch an hour before he was shot.  He talked about a dream and made negative remarks about the Oakland Police Department.

Smith claimed he stopped a car that was driving erratically Christmas Eve.  He said the passenger got out and waved a knife at him then the driver shot him.  He said he shot back and they took off.

The Oakland police chief told me that Smith has not been back at work.  Chief Keith Hogwood said Smith was cleared by doctors physically but not psychologically.

Joshua Smith stands by his story.

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