Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Meals In Motion, plus scores as of 1/21/10

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TUNICA, MS (WMC TV) - He is an elected official, serving the citizens of Tunica County.

Those citizens, however, might want to be careful with what Tunica County Constable Joe Anderson is serving at his restaurant.

Peoples Restaurant Finger Lickin' Good Buffet, 1141 Highway 61 South, rated back-to-back C's in its Mississippi Health Department inspections Jan. 14 and Jan. 21. A C is the lowest grade a Mississippi restaurant can score:

Inspection report said food was not properly separated and protected

A pipe was leaking in the women's bathroom

By Anderson's own admission, the restaurant had no cleanser

It took four days, two phone messages and a personal visit to the restaurant to get Anderson to return my calls. He declined the Action News 5 Investigators' request for an on-camera interview.

He explained that recent freezing temperatures ruptured the pipe. He said his staff was cleaning up the mess when the inspector arrived.

They had just run out of cleanser, he insisted.

Anderson went on to say he bought more cleanser, reorganized his food separation in the walk-in cooler and fixed the pipe. But he said he got a C on re-inspection because one of his sinks was missing a part.

"We bought that part and installed it," Anderson said on the phone. "We should go back to a B or an A next time."

Mississippi Health Department records indicated Anderson's restaurant permit expired Jan. 23.  Inspector Roger Whittington said the missing part for the sink was holding up the permit's renewal.

Whittington conducted his second re-inspection of Anderson's restaurant Jan. 28. The sink was repaired.

Anderson's permit:  renewed.

Peoples Restaurant Finger Lickin' Good Buffet earned an upgrade to a B.

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Meals in Motion, 901-590-2870,

Meals In Motion is home delivery for East Memphis restaurants that don't have home delivery.

Owner Abby May based the concept on a similar service in Charleston, SC.  A Memphis native who adores the local flavors of Memphis restaurants, May saw a need for the same service here -- and filled it!

"We thought it would be a great way to kind of offer a new way of getting the food, as well as keeping your money in the neighborhood," said May.

She's partnered with nine restaurants within a swath of East Memphis (see the list of restaurants and map of delivery area on her web site above).

Customers call their orders into Meals In Motion. Meals In Motion places the orders with the restaurants. Meals In Motion fetches the orders, and for a $3.99 delivery charge, delivers them to customers' homes. The restaurants pay Meals In Motion a negotiated commission for the service.

Mike Miller, general manager of Patrick's Steak & Spirits, 4972 Park Ave. (, is a Meals In Motion partner.  He said the service has expanded his customer base.

"We have a limited number of seats. Well, now we have an unlimited number of seats," Miller said.  "So for us to have a delivery service that does a great job and brings home exactly the quality that we intend is exactly what we are looking for."

"It's been great on the nights that I get home late, don't want to cook or my husband's not coming home, I just call (Meals In Motion)," said Anne West of East Memphis.  She said she orders Meals In Motion two or three times a week.

"They're just really reliable, they're always available, and even if the restaurant does something wrong, (Meals In Motion) will go back and get it and get it right."

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