Proposed Tipton County outdoor gun range draws opposition

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - A battle is brewing over a proposed outdoor gun range in Tipton County.

For Chester Evitt, guns are a part of life.  He owns guns, he sells guns, and he even teaches people how to safely use guns.   That's why he's pushing for an outdoor gun range in Tipton County.

"Location isn't has important as getting it built where everyone has access," he said.

Property owner Jay Ridings plans to go ahead with the range, despite opposition.

"I can go private," he said. "I'd rather go the other way, but if we have go, that's the way we'll go."

The proposed gun range would sit on fifteen acres of Jay Riding's property, several miles west of Covington.

Opponents to the range are concerned about stray bullets and loud noise.

The nearest house is over three hundred feet away. Ridings says he has a plan in place to combat loud noise.

According to our news partner, The Leader, the Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals denied a request for the range because it didn't meet the 75 decibel limit at the property line.

For Chester Evitt, gunfire isn't uncommon.  He hears hundreds of shots a day from the front porch of his Munford home, and says hunters and gun owners need somewhere to shoot.

"Where are those bullets going...I can tell you they weren't on a range," he said.

"They're shooting everywhere.  I can go out of my house especially on Saturday and hear gunfire all day," Ridings added.

Gun owners say these bullets need somewhere safe to go before someone gets hurt.

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