Parkin man arrested for impersonating police

Joey Davis (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Department)
Joey Davis (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Department)

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A man who posed as an Arkansas police officer was arrested last week after he tried to cash a bogus check, a Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson said Monday.

According to department spokesperson Steve Shular, sheriff's detectives, working jointly with officers from the Parkin, Arkansas Police Department, arrested Joey Davis, 46, last Thursday afternoon at his home in Parkin.
Shular said detectives began their investigation on January 16, when a Shelby County woman received a call from her bank.  Bank officials had become suspicious of Davis, who had attempted to cash a check for $800 from the woman's account.

"The bank said, 'Somebody's here trying to draw some money out of the account,'" Shular said.

When asked for identification, Shular said, Davis showed his Arkansas driver's license and an identification card for the Parkin, Arkansas Police Department.

"Apparently, he very confidently pulled out the Arkansas driver's license, and then pulled out the Parkin, Arkansas Police ID, and that sent up red flags for not only us, but the Parkin Police Department," Shular said.
After determining Davis was not a Parkin police officer, sheriff's deputies and Parkin police officers went to Davis' home in Parkin and him into custody.  At his home, investigators found the fake police identification card Davis allegedly used when he tried to cash the check.  His name was on it.

"It was his actual identity and that's another situation," Shular said. "Here you have a fellow that's got a fake ID card in his actual name, so it wasn't hard to track him down."
Davis is being held at the Cross County Arkansas Jail.  When extradited to Shelby County, he will face charges of Identity Theft and Criminal Attempted Theft of Property Over $500.

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