Special Report: "Who's the Boss?"

DARLINGTON, SC (WMC-TV/WMBF) - A series of scams in South Carolina is drawing attention to a new kind of imposter.
Police police in several South Carolina counties say a man posing as a boss for major retailers, and is then swindling cash out of employees at those retailers, by telling the employees his a friend of the store's boss.

In Darlington County, South Carolina, investigators with the sheriff's office say Stephen Claude Dunn has gone into two businesses, pulling off scams at the Highhill Quick Fill on Timmonsville Highway and the Fast Track on South Main Street.

"[Dunn] just knew what he was doing. Just as calm and collected as he could be. [He] just walked right on in and walked right on out, not nervous in any way shape or form," said Judy Minor, the clerk scammed at Highhill Quick Fill.

Officials say Dunn walks into the store and finds out what the owners name is. He then finds out the cashier or clerks name, and once he has the names, investigators say he goes up to the counter saying he is a manager with Wal-Mart and a friend of the owner.

From there, they say he claims to be dropping off a package for the owner and that he needs to be paid $218.

In the City of Darlington, police say Dunn pulled the same scams at the White Swan Cleaners on Pearl Street and the Exxon Gas Station on the Lamar Highway. Police say the only difference in his procedures - Dunn didn't say he was a manager with Wal-Mart.

"He is smooth - no doubt about it," said Capt. Daniel Watson with the Darlington Police Department. "The fact of the matter is it's going to take somebody sharp to catch him."

In a different county, Dillon police say Dunn made his mark, going into least five businesses and successfully scamming all but one. Police say Dunn changed up his story a bit in their city and that he wasn't asking for $218, but less.

They say he got anywhere from $100 to $109.

Police eventually caught up with Dunn, but are still trying to determine everyone he might have scammed.

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