Mississippi teen charged with stabbing newborn daughter to death

Linda Nash (Source: Panola County Sheriff's Department)
Linda Nash (Source: Panola County Sheriff's Department)

BATESVILLE, MS (WMC-TV) - A 16-year-old Mississippi girl has been charged with murder in the death of her newborn baby, Panola County Sheriff Otis Griffin said Monday.

According to Griffin, 16-year-old Linda Nash stabbed her baby to death.

Griffin said investigators were called to a local hospital Saturday night when baby was brought in.  It was already dead.

"Her parents were the ones, along with herself, that brought the child to the hospital," Griffin said.
According to preliminary autopsy results, the baby was stabbed in the abdomen.

"It's an empty feeling that you feel.  It's a void that's there," Griffin said. "I hate to see things like this.  This is something you don't see everyday."
The baby was allegedly killed at at the home Nash shares with her parents on Pope Water Valley Road in Pope, Mississippi.  Authorities said Nash's parents didn't know she was pregnant.

"I would say that she possibly could've been hiding it from the parents," Griffin said.

Neighbors couldn't believe it.
"That's something you can't hide," neighbor Amos Harrison said. "These young girls, they get out and sew their wild oats, but they don't want to reap the harvest."

Jessica Bobo, who gave birth to a sone when she was 15, said she couldn't imagine why a young mother would commit such a horrific crime.

"I knew what I was doing when I got pregnant with him," Bobo said. "So if I would've killed him, I deserve everything that I get."

The crime sent shock waves through the small community.

"It's the worst thing we've ever had," Harrison said. "Never anything like that here."

Nash is being held on $100,000 bond.

NOTE: Officials initially reported to the media that the baby was stabbed 11 times.  That report was later changed to say the baby was stabbed once.

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