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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Goat Fail, plus scores as of 1/24/10

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - Two things will guarantee a restaurant gets on the wrong side of the Scorecard:  poor personal hygiene and dangerous food temperatures.

Especially when the dangerous food temperatures include raw goat.  Baaaah-d.

That what a Memphis-Shelby County health inspector found Jan. 22 at Pyramid Grill & Buffet, 6090 Macon Rd/Cv. The restaurant scored a 55:

"foodhandler rinsed out his hands in sink without soap, dried them on his pants and prepared food"

"no hot water at handsink"

Raw beef, chicken, lamb and goat at unsafe food temperatures

The inspector issued Pyramid's owner, Iffat Tameez, a food service permit suspension/court action letter.  It threatens to suspend Tameez's permit if he doesn't correct the critical violations within ten days.

"Pyramid restaurant is under new management and is under renovation," said Tameez in an e-mail. "We are making some new changes which will be beneficial for the community."

Pyramid rated a 78 on its re-inspection Feb. 3.

House of Thor Barbecue, 670 N. Mendenhall, failed its health inspection Jan. 21 with a 68:

"mold build-up inside ice maker"

"toilet stopped up in women's bathroom"

"no self-closing device at restroom door"

"no self-closing door in rear of premises"

The inspection report also cited cardboard boxes and old equipment littering the property.  Our own inspection Jan. 28 found wrought-iron storm doors, a recliner, a bullet-riddled soft drink sign and other junk all over the place.

Owner Angelo Cobrasci told Action News 5 the health inspector arrived on the heels of a Memphis-Shelby County code enforcement inspection of the property. 

He said the health inspection wasn't necessary. He said he explained to the inspector that he planned to permanently close the restaurant Jan. 27.  Our inspection Jan. 28 found the establishment padlocked.

"I was using the restaurant to raise money for Paralyzed Veterans of America," said Cobrasci in a phone interview. "It didn't generate what I had hoped."

Cobrasci said he hopes to open another restaurant at another location.  Better brush up on your clean up, Angelo.

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