Fuel spill prompts evacuation in Oakland

By Jamel Major - bio | email

OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - Two Mid-South buildings were evacuated for hours Wednesday after a gas leak.

The accident happened about 35 miles east of Memphis in Oakland, where emergency crews had to work quickly to contain a spill at Ring, a container manufacturer.  Officials said nearly 3,000 gallons of Pentane gas, a highly flammable fuel, spilled out of a tank after a pipe sprung a leak.

The company's alarms went off, and everything at its facility had to be shut down, including the electricity.  

Officials evacuated employees from two buildings as a safety precaution.

The situation made some neighbors a bit uneasy.

"It made me a little nervous, just because we know how dangerous it could possibly be," neighbor Will Lofton said. "There's potential for something really bad to happen, but it seems they got it pretty well contained."

Ring Can makes plastic containers and bottles.

A spokesperson for the company said the safety of its employees was never in jeopardy.

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