Police says Douglass High student was passing out fake cash

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Police say a Memphis teen used his home computer to create counterfeit cash.

Fellow students must have thought Robert Dailey, 18, was a generous guy, after he allegedly handed out money to his class mates for no apparent reason.

But according to Memphis police, Dailey's handouts at Douglass High School weren't worth any more than the paper they were printed on. Dailey was arrested at school Wednesday for manufacturing phoney bills.  

According to Memphis City Schools, a student unknowingly tried to use one of the fake bills to pay for lunch in the cafeteria at Douglass.  When the cashier identified it as fake, the bill was traced back to Dailey.

That's when a school security officer and Memphis police stepped in.

A police affidavit says when investigators placed Dailey under arrest, he admitted he'd been using his home computer and printer to produce the fake money.  They found $420 worth of the counterfeit cash in Dailey's wallet.   

Now, the high school senior is behind bars on $1,000 bond, facing a felony charge and the possibility of spending one to six years in jail.

An MCS spokesperson said Daily will processed through student services, and will almost certainly be expelled.

Daily is scheduled to appear in court February 18th.

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