Tigers fans react to Henderson-Niles' departure

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tigers fans were asking Tuesday why University of Memphis player Pierre Henderson-Niles is no longer on the team.

"I mean it's shocking," said Taylor Lewis, a Tigers fan.

Henderson-Niles, a senior, was a sub his first three years of play.  This season, he has started 16 of 23 games.

The University of Memphis announced Monday night that he has left the team for good, but did not state why.

"I'm a big Tigers fan, and I've always liked Pierre," said Wight Boggs.  "I know he felt like he wasn't getting as much playing time.  But ... he was a real asset to the team and I'm just wishing him the best."

Tiffany Jeffrey said she foresees a psychological change for the Tigers, who are struggling to stay at the top of the league.

"I actually think they'll play a little harder considering they just lost a teammate," said Jeffrey.  "I think they'll show out a little bit."

Taylor Lewis took a more philosophical approach.

"You can't ever tell what's going to happen," Lewis said.  "So you kind of just got to work day to day.  Play it by ear."

Boggs continued to be optimistic about the Tigers.

"We're going to win all eight games," Boggs said.  "We're going to go to the C-USA and I'll be cheering them all the way."