St. Jude doctor robbed at knife-point

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Security on the campus of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital could not be tighter.  There are guard gates and a tall fence surrounding the entire property.
Police said it was just outside the confines of campus where a doctor was robbed Sunday night by two teenagers armed with a knife.

"In this day and time," said Jannette LaMaster,  "anything can happen," she added.

LaMaster waited on a friend to leave work every afternoon not far from where the doctor was robbed.

"That's very sad," said LaMaster.  "To be right here, security to be right here, and for something to happen like that," she added.

Police said the robbers got away with the victim's cell phone and debit card, not to mention his winter coat.  But suspects Gregory Cook and Glavin Ivy were not on the run for very long.  Police tracked them to the
Greyhound bus station downtown after they used the doctor's stolen debit card.  They say the pair bought, among other things, bus tickets.

"I know one was from Texas and one was from Florida," said MPD spokesperson Karen Rudolph.

Officers arrested both men at the bus station after matching their descriptions with surveillance video from inside the café.  They also found property from the St. Jude area robbery still on them.

"I believe they called the cell phone," said Rudolph.  "They actually heard the cell phone ringing on one of the suspects," she added.

Both 19 year-old suspects are charged with Robbery and are being held on $75,000 bonds.  St. Jude did not want to comment on the crime since they say it happened off campus.

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