Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Shack Attack Challenge, plus scores as of 1/31/10

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - Restaurant Rule #143:  The condition of the bathrooms is a reflection of the restaurant.

That means you might want to check out the men's room at Mrs. Winners in Southeast Memphis before you order that chicken biscuit.

Mrs. Winners, 4225 Winchester Rd., rated a 62 in its Jan. 25 inspection:

Mashed potatoes, sausage and eggs at unsafe food temperatures

"The (men's) toilet is full of sewage. The toilet will not flush."

"no cleanser...they ran out of cleanser..."

"Potential food service suspension/court action"

Manager Debra Brooks stayed on the phone long enough to tell me she rated an 89 on re-inspection, then hung up on me. Memphis-Shelby County Health Department spokesperson Nicole Lacey-Hall confirmed both the Feb. 5 inspection and the improved score.

Note to Ms. Brooks:  time to improve your management and people-person skills.

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  The Shack Attack Challenge, The Pizza Shack, 4523 Summer Avenue, Memphis (Berclair), 901-680-7900, search "The Pizza Shack" on Facebook

I took on my first eating challenge this week.

I failed.

I'm full.

The Pizza Shack (latest inspection: 98) is a former Big Tip winner on the Scorecard for Best Place to Eat on Summer Avenue (see that episode here:

It makes a 5 1/2-lb monster of a pizza with six meats, two cheeses, two sauces and red onions. Called The Shack Attack, if you can kill it in an hour without leaving any toppings or taking a bathroom break, the pie is free, and your picture goes on the restaurant's Facebook page's Hall of Fame.

Fail...and you get your mug on The Pizza Shack's Hall of SHAME.

That's where you will find me -- and 98.1 The Max's Chris Jarman (

I threw down about three pounds of the pizza before I bowed out 45 minutes into the challenge. Jarman got down to the final CRUST with seconds left, then caved.

"I got a lot more places to put this 5 1/2-lbs," laughed Jarman, a crust short.

Co-owner Terry Bomar said three dozen people have attempted The Shack Attack challenge.

Only one has conquered it.

"It's all in your mind," said Tim Jackson, a Memphis police officer and triathlete. "I've only been doing triathlons about a year-and-a-half now, and when I started that, I just can't ever get full."

I think I better stick to restaurant reviews and inspections -- and spreading the delicious Shack Attack out over a couple of days.

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