Special Report: Sex Rehab in Hattiesburg

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WMC-TV) - It is the talk of Hattiesburg, a city of 45,000 people.

"People are excited about it," said John Brown, assistant to Hattiesburg's mayor. "I imagine if they saw him in Walmart, he'd be crowded."

HE is Tiger Woods.  Allegedly, Woods was recently admitted to the Pine Grove Behavioral Center as a participant in the Gentle Path program for sexual addiction.

Stephanie Carnes is the former director of the program.

"We believe that this is a brain disease that people are struggling with just like alcoholism is a disease," Carnes said. "So people really deserve treatment and help."

Pine Grove is one of the top-rated sexual clinics in the country, and has reportedly served numerous high profile patients, most of the time privately.  In Tiger's case, not so privately.

"We've all got friends that work in places," Hattiesburg resident Ed Assaf said. "He's here. He's 100 percent sure he's here."

Pine Grove put plastic sheeting around the perimeter of its campus, making it tough to see anything.

While some nearby business owners have a sense of humor about the whole thing, doctors say sexual addiction is no laughing matter.  Patients in the Gentle Path program must complete 30 tasks, everything from psychiatric evaluation to relapse prevention, shame reduction, and eye movement desensitization.

Patients meet daily with a therapist, and have to do homework each night.  The typical program lasts about 6 weeks. In the program, patients talk about their "sexual timeline," and reveal their "secrets list." In Tiger's case, at least 13 women have already revealed his secrets.

Now that Hattiesburg's secret sex rehab is out there for the world to see, the city that once claimed NFL quarterback Brett Farve as it's most famous athlete will now add another famous athlete to the annuls of hometown history.

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