Nurse dies after being shot in the head

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The nurse who was shot in the head in a hospital parking lot Friday has died.

Taffi Crawford, 35, was shot outside of Delta Medical Center as she went to work.

Crawford's ex-boyfriend, Memphis firefighter Frank Graham, is in custody but has not yet been charged with murdering Crawford.

Neighbors had nothing but kind words to say about the couple.

"Very polite young lady who had everything in the world going for her," Lisa Burlison said of Crawford.

"He was friendly," Connie Shannon said of Graham.

"Every time I see them out together they were talking and laughing," Ulrick Griffin said.

Graham, 34, was arrested in an apartment complex near Delta Medical Center shortly after Crawford was shot.

Graham was arrested in January after he turned himself in for breaking a window at Crawford's home.

Shannon said Crawford's 7 year-old son used to come over to play with her nieces.  She said something he said now stands out.

"The boy did say one time that he slammed his mother's hand in the door," Shannon said.  "But I didn't see him over there again after that for a while."

Burlison said she hopes the killer is brought to justice.

"He took a mother away from a child," Burlison said, "and a child away from a mother."

"A woman who didn't deserve this," Shannon added.  "She didn't, she was a young woman."

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