Southaven elementary students raise money for Haiti

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - Students at a Southaven elementary school recently learned about the importance of giving in the midst of a history lesson.

At Greenbrook Elementary School in Southaven, a class of first graders went through another day of work Thursday in their classroom.

But during a Black History Month lesson about Rosa Parks right after the Haiti earthquake, the students learned an even greater lesson about making a difference for those in need.

"They really felt like if Rosa Parks made a difference, we can make a difference," assistant teacher Vicki Collins said. "They're young, but they can do it."

The students raised almost $2000 dollars in spare change for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, with plans to donate it to the American Red Cross.

First grade student Eliyah Miller started the ball rolling when she was rewarded with five dollars for a good report card.

"My teachers and everybody would be happy that I got that money and gave it to Haiti, and I thought that it would make them happy," she said.

Soon, the entire school was in the effort, something Principal Patricia Miller called a teachable moment.  

"Kids take their learning and apply it to real life and to help solve problems in the world, and to learn that one child, one spark, can make a difference," Miller said.

For Eliyah, the message is simple.
"If you send money to Haiti you would make a big difference," she said.

The school made the donation to the American Red Cross during a school program Wednesday.