Memphis golfers accept Tiger Woods' apology

Tiger Woods as he gave his statement Friday.
Tiger Woods as he gave his statement Friday.

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Many golfers in Memphis listened intently to Tiger Woods' statement Friday about his infidelity.  When it was over, many of his fans said they were ready the golfer for what he had done.

Charles Hudson, the golf professional at Pine Hill Golf Course in southwest Memphis, is more than just a fan of Tiger Woods.  He's followed the golfer since Woods was in college.

"Used to pass a hat around at the banquet so they would have money to go and play," he said.

Hudson even encouraged Woods to come to Memphis to lead a Junior Golf Clinic at Pine Hill.  Friday, Hudson was listening for Woods to focus on just one thing during his apology.

"The most important thing in this whole thing is his wife and family, and how he can put them together," Hudson said. "They're so much more important the game of golf."

To Hudson, Tiger's speech delivered.  Others at Pine Hill watched in stillness and silence.  When it was over, each person we talked with said they would accept Wood's apology.

"The most important things to me was two things: He admitted his mistakes and he asked for forgiveness," golfer Vernon Townsend said.

The one thing that stuck out to Townsend was what wasn't there.

"I didn't see his wife," he said.

The thing that disappointed some fans the most was what Tiger didn't give: a date when he will return to golf.

"I want to see him come back on the tour," golfer Curtis Kirkwood said.

But everyone believed it is just a matter of time until he's back.

"He'll still come back," golfer Sam Paisley said. "He's just too good of a gofer."

Golfers we spoke to also all agreed that Woods needed to finally give an apology, since it is what so many people wanted to hear.

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