Former State Senator Ford transported to Memphis prison

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Convicted felon and former Tennessee State Senator John Ford has been transferred to a Memphis prison most likely to testify in an upcoming case.

The case involves allegations that an area psychologist gave Ford bribe money in 2005 to push a bill that would give psychologists the power to prescribe drugs.

The bill never passed, but a West Tennessee grand jury indicted psychologist Roger Morgan on two counts of false statements to the feds.

Court records show that Ford, 67, is now staying in the minimum security Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis off Sycamore View.

In April 2007, juries in Memphis and Nashville sentenced Ford to serve consecutive bribery, concealment and wire fraud sentences through April of 2025.

The less publicized case involving the fallen senator and the West Memphis, Arkansas psychologist hit the court books on May 13, 2008 when a grand jury indicted Morgan on two counts of giving false statements to a federal agency.

FBI agents said Morgan lied on tape when asked if he tried to bribe Ford.  The FBI believes Morgan gave money to Ford's legal defense fund.

Ford had other troubles at the time, including an ethics probe and his relationship with contractors.

In the most recent case against Morgan, the grand jury did not specifically charge the psychologist with claims he paid off Ford.  The charges are that he did not tell the truth when investigators asked if there was a payoff.

Morgan's trial is set for March 15 in Judge Bernice Donald's courtroom.  If convicted, each count carries a five year sentence for a total of ten years in prison.

Dr. Morgan could not be reached at either his Lakeland home or his office phone in West Memphis.

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