YOUR TURN: Most Miserable City?

Forbes Magazine helped fill up the "Your Turn" mailbox this week with its article ranking Memphis as the third most miserable city in the U.S. Some people wrote to agree, some to disagree and some just wanted to rant. We chose this letter from Lynn Kimbrough.

In Kimbrough's words:

My concern is Memphis being ranked #3 Most Miserable City. Every time you hear breaking news, it is about a puppy mill bust or using taxpayers money to locate the ex director of Memphis animal shelter. We have homeless people in this city; we have starving children in this city. I have heard enough about the animals. I have no problem with the cleanup of the shelter, but enough already. When your focus on animals is greater than on human beings, that ranking sounds about right.

That's Lynn Kimbrough's turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email or call 800-465-1210.

We received this response to Lynn Kimbrough's comments:

I have lived in Memphis most of my life.  I would like to comment on Lynn Kimbrough's remarks about being "fed up" with hearing about the problems that are suffered by the animals in our city. This is nothing but a SOSDD, same old song, different day which seems to be a popular mantra used by those who don't have the facts about animal abuse in our city   Besides Cleveland which came in first, Memphis came in #3, thanks to the second-worst rate of violent crime in the U.S. and an alarming rate of convicted public officials such as John Ford and a list of others.  
Ms. Kimbrough needs to realize that there is a strong connection between animal abuse and violent crimes such as sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse and elderly abuse.  If we don't see that connection and continue ignoring those who use their dogs for purposes such as dog bait in dog fighting rings, or chain their dogs 24/7, or any of the other ways that animals are abused in our city, then we will continue to be on the list of most miserable cities, and not progress into the 21st century.  People of all ages will continue to be hurt if we don't focus the attention on those who also hurt animals.  
Jan Courtney