Man claims neighbor's pool is eroding his driveway

By Lori Brown - bio | email

Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - Sometimes good fences aren't enough to make good neighbors. A Memphis man says his neighbor's leaky swimming pool has ruined his driveway. He says he wasn't getting anywhere with code enforcement, so he called Action News 5.

Steven Alter, who lives in the Midtown Evergreen area, lifted up a piece of plywood to reveal a big hole in his driveway. He says his neighbor's swimming pool leaks so badly, it's eroded away the ground underneath his driveway.

"Every time it leaks down, she fills it back up," Alter said.

Alter pointed out that Monday, the water in the pool is a couple of feet below the fill line.

"That much water doesn't just evaporate out of the pool," Alter said.

Alter says he tried calling Memphis' code enforcement department, but got nowhere.

A reporter went to his next door neighbor, 82-year-old Joan Neal, and asked if her pool leaks.

"No. It does not leak," Neal said.

Neal says the pool was already installed when she bought the house in 1968. She did admit, it has leaked recently, but she says that problem has been fixed.

"If it leaks, I've had it fixed, I had the man just out here," Neal said.

Neal says the reason the water level is low right now is because it's winter. She says the hose on top of the pool cover is pumping water that collects in the cover back into the pool.

"If it leaks I have to get it fixed or I'm paying a big water bill," Neal said.

The city of Memphis may have to step in to settle the dispute. While Alter says he got no response from Code Enforcement, after an Action News 5 reporter called, they said they would send a crew out Tuesday to look into the situation.

As Alter and Neal live side by side, this good fence, is not holding up it's end of the bargain.

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