Grocery store security guard charged with rape

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A security guard is charged with raping an alleged shoplifter.

Memphis Police Department's Sex Crimes Bureau recently filed charges against Geryl Hill, a Kroger security guard.

"This is a rare situation," said Major Lois Hopkins with the Sex Crimes Bureau.

Hill is charged with rape and sexual battery by an authority figure.  He allegedly accused a woman of shoplifting, cleared an office of people to get her alone and threatened to call police if she did not agree to sexual activity.

April Hall, the alleged victim, explained the incident.

"After everybody left the room, that's when he asked if I would do sexual favors for him for not calling the police," Hall said.  "I agreed if he let me go home and put my groceries up."

Hopkins said Hall was in a difficult situation, Hill has the right to detain anyone he suspects of shoplifting as a security guard on duty.

"That person at that moment did not have a right to leave," Hopkins said.

However, Hopkins said the power to barter for sex is against the law.  She suggested demanding known company to stay safe.

"It's always best to have someone present so they can know what was said and what was done in that situation," Hopkins said.  "If you're detained and just ask, a lot of times you don't know until you ask.  Just ask the manager or just ask someone."

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