Memphis grocery store ends security contract after rape allegations

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The security company that provided officers for an East Memphis grocery store has been fired after one of its employees was charged with raping a customer.

The incident occurred last week at the Kroger grocery store in Poplar Plaza.

April Hall, the victim, shared her shocking story.

"After everybody left the room, that's when he asked me would I do sexual favors for him for not calling the police," Hall said.

Geryl Hill, the former security guard, was arrested and charged with rape.  Hill worked for SecurityPoint, a security company that supplied unarmed undercover guards for ten Krogers in the Memphis area.

Kroger terminated SecurityPoint's contract Wednesday.

Kroger spokesperson Joe Bell said customer safety is important to Kroger.

"SecurityPoint has done an admirable job for Kroger for more than ten years," Bell said.  "However, it's unfortunate that the actions ... of one person has damaged that relationship."

In a statement, SecurityPoint wrote that the company is, "appalled at the sexual assault allegations that have been made against Geryl Hill, a state licensed guard associated with this company."

Some Kroger customers felt that all employees should not have been punished for the actions of one man.

"They have houses ... and they have bills to pay," Paula Mitchell said.  "Why would you punish the whole?"

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