Only on 5: John Ford's ex-wife speaks out

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - John Ford's ex-wife shared what it is like behind bars for the former Tennessee State Senator.

Tamara Mitchell-Ford said prison life has not been easy for Ford.

"We talk on a weekly basis with the children," Mitchell-Ford said.

Mitchell-Ford said her ex-husband's transfer to Memphis Federal Correctional Institution brings her concerns for him closer to home.

"John is not doing all right," Mitchell-Ford said.

Ford was serving an 18-year sentence on federal bribery charges when the feds transferred him to Memphis earlier this month.

The attorney for West Memphis psychologist Roger Morgan confirmed the former senator is likely in town to testify in his client's bribery trial.

Dr. Morgan goes to trial next month on two counts of making false statements to a federal agency.  The feds said he lied when they asked him if he paid the former senator to push a bill giving psychologists the power to prescribe drugs.  The bill never passed.

"Dr. Morgan was actually my marital therapist between John Ford and me," Mitchell-Ford said.

Mitchell-Ford said she does not know her ex-husband's role in the upcoming trial.

"I can't tell you what John is going to testify because he didn't tell me," Mitchell-Ford said.

Mitchell-Ford, a recovering alcoholic who spent many days in jail, said she is concerned for the father of her children.  She said it does not feel good to be locked up and out of communication from the outside world.

"You don't have things," Mitchell-Ford said.  "You don't have paper, you don't have books.  You don't have this, you don't have that."

She now describes her ex-husband as kind and defended his legislative record.

"When it comes down to what John Ford did ... it wasn't any different than anybody else would have done," Mitchell-Ford said.

Dr. Roger Morgan's trial takes place in federal court on Monday, March 15th.