Mississippi family makes plans to open maternity home

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HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - Mothers-to-be in North Mississippi may soon have a new maternity house to turn to for help.

For for Keri Carey, the newborn baby she shares with her husband, Shawn, was the inspiration for a major project that will offer women an alternative to abortion or unplanned pregnancies.

"A lot of reasons why women have abortions are because they don't have adequate housing, adequate moral support, or an education," Carey said.

Because of these reasons and more, Carey said, God placed the vision of a home on her heart.  At Saving Grace Ministry Home, women will be given life skills training so that they can be successful at motherhood.

"We're going to give them a home, a computer lab for online courses, parenting classes, and take them to church with us," she said. "Everything we can to give them the support they need."

The home will be located here on 65 acres of land near the Tate-DeSoto county line. Carey plans to house five to eight women a year, who will be offered up to two years to stay.

Currently in Mississippi, there is one maternity home, but it is not in the local area.

Carey is confident the project will happen.

"With God on our side, I think that anything is possible," she said. "I know that anything is possible. I just need the help of the community to help stop this."

Carey said the cost to build the house, along with initial operating expenses, will total nearly $150,000 dollars. It will cost another $200,000 dollars to pay for the land. At present, they Careys they are selling their existing home to get the ball rolling.

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