Memphis DJ survives nightclub shooting

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis DJ Miguel Valdez is able to poke his finger through the bullet hole in the now bloody shirt he was wearing the night he was shot.

"It felt very hot," recalled Valdez.

He also remembered what he thought would be his final conversation.

"I called my wife to say goodbye," said Valdez.  "And I love you," he added.

Valdez was shot moments after exiting the DJ booth inside La Estampida nightclub near White Station and Summer early one morning a week and a half ago.

"I gave like four or five steps then I heard pow, pow, pow, pow," recalled Valdez.

Valdez said a man fired several shots into the building after getting kicked out of the club for fighting.  He happened to be standing in the wrong spot.

"And I knew that they got me," said Valdez.

The bullet entered Valdez's body through his upper back and stopped just before breaking the skin on his chest.

"I started pushing the bullet in my chest and saying I was shot," said Valdez.

The bullet failed to strike a single organ.

"It didn't even touch the ribs," said Valdez.

He said the physician at The MED who removed the bullet had only one explanation.

"I said I'm lucky right?" recalled Valdez.  "And he said that's not lucky, it's a miracle," he added.

Some of his friends now call Valdez "the miracle man.."

"My mother depends on me, my grandfather," said Valdez.  "I have five children, my wife," he added.

He said he feels his family is his purpose and the reason his life was spared.

Valdez has since returned to the DJ booth at La Estampida.  You can read more about his "miraculous" survival in Friday's edition of La Prensa Latina.

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