Mississippi to consider shortening school year

JACKSON, MS (WMC-TV) - The State of Mississippi is considering plans to shorten the school year by cutting five days from the class schedule to help balance the budget.

Lawmakers in the Mississippi State passed the bill Wednesday night.

The plan would trim a week from the school calendar for both students and teachers.  The bill must still pass in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

However, it is likely the Mississippi House of Representatives will strongly consider putting teachers on a five-day furlough.

"It's unfortunate that might be something that has to happen to school districts," said Rep. Cecil Brown of Hinds, Mississippi.  "It's better to be furloughed than it is to lose your job."

If the House of Representatives passes the plan, it does not mean every district will make changes to its schedule.

Each school system has the right to opt out of the proposal and find other ways to remain financially stable.

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