Ask Andy: Spring cleaning...NOT!

By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - Guys and gals with "honey-do" lists, I'm about to pare them down a little bit.

Professional writer and cleaning expert Jeff Bredenberg - a contributor to Better Homes & Gardens, Reader's Digest and one of my consumer resources, Bottom Line Personal - shared five things you can stop cleaning or straightening up.

* GRILL GRATE.  This one I already knew because I'm a big-time griller.  Over time, cleaning your grill grate will leave a residue of cleaning solution.  It will start to affect the taste and quality of your recipes.  Instead, fire up that bad boy, let it get to 550 degrees and burn the left-behind food and grease.  Scrape it with a grill brush, then bring it back up to your cooking temperature.  Not only do you clean the grate, but you also sterilize it this way.

* SHOWER CURTAIN LINER.  They're cheap.  The mold and mildew always comes back, no matter how many chemicals you throw at it.  Stop cleaning it.  Throw it out and toss a couple bucks at a new one every six months.

* PILLOW.  I don't wash my pillows.  I wash my pillow CASES.  But Bredenberg said there are folks who regularly wash their pillows, too.  He said after the first wash, the pillow's done -- never the same.  Just replace them every six months or so, or rotate among several of them.

* MAKING THE BED.  Here's the one I really love.  Bredenberg said stop making your bed.  He said dust mites live off the moisture in your mattress and on your covers.  Leaving the bed unmade lets it air out, leaving nothing for the dust mites.

* WAXING THE CAR.  Late-model cars have more durable finishes that don't need wax.  Just wash them.

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